Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Small Things

In my short time in the Texas Panhandle, I've learn this place is not for any shrinking violets.

The people here deal with circumstances most would run away from, and while I joke the runaways may be smarter than those of us who stay, I'm not sure I would want to go anywhere else in the world. Even after a mere two months, I can already say I've found a home in a harsh environment that tests my limits daily. From sun-blocking dust storms and temperature swings that give you whiplash to April snow and tumbleweed-driving wind, some days it is hard to remember why I live here. Multiple times, I have asked myself, 'What strange hell did I move to?'

Sprinkler sunsets are the best. #autoawesome
But then the moments happen where I am completely awed by beauty. Sure, they are fleeting moments, but they make it all worth it. I love the sunsets - and the sunrises (even though I don't see too many of those); the ruggedness of river breaks long dry; the biggest sky full of stars I have ever seen - and I've seen lots of big skies in my time; windmills harnessing energy from the wind that never ceases to blow; the rare moments when the wind does die down to actually wear your hair down; the first drops of rain and the promise they hold. While most people might fail to recognize the beauty in those small things, I truly believe those of us who choose to live in the Panhandle are good at looking for the small things.

And the people here are seriously the best - like let's be real, I've lived enough places with great people to truly see how awesome these Panhandlers are. To survive in a place like this, I guess they've learned it is best to be nice to each other. I'm pretty happy about that.

So here's to becoming Texan and learning to appreciate God's beauty in all shapes, temperatures and degree of windy.

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