Sunday, January 17, 2016

Winter in the Panhandle

Per the usual of the Texas Panhandle, our winter has been full of ups and downs in weather and temperature. We enjoyed a warm beginning to winter followed by an ice storm over Thanksgiving, a blizzard the day after Christmas, frigid cold, and finally, a couple of freezing fog days. Today, I took advantage of the fog to capture some photos of our heifer herd. These girls will be having their first calves in the next couple of months. We're looking forward to the calves they'll have, and you should look forward to cute calf photos! Until then, here's some snowy and icy cows.

Above: This is Patches. Patches is one lucky cow. She was orphaned as a calf and raised by my mother-in-law on a bottle. As a yearling, Patches fell into our trash pit and was stranded for a few days. After being rescued from the pit, Patches was nursed back to health, and later, was gifted to Royce and I by my father-in-law. We're hoping for a healthy calf this spring!

Above: While the other heifers were checking me and the camera out, these girls took advantage of the less crowded hay wagon and chowed down. Hay helps them stay warm, which is why we sure to always keep a plentiful supply available to them.

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  1. People never believe me that cows prefer cold to heat, but these pictures are proof. They don't look one bit cranky! :)


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