Friday, October 17, 2014

Grow Up: Farm Week in Review

"Grow up!" is a phrase I can remember calling out to many of the boys during elementary school. It is also a phrase I use with my husband some days, and it generally goes something like this: "Stop acting like a child! Grow up and pick up your clothes from the floor." In all seriousness though, why is it so hard for men to use hampers instead of the floor? I just don't get it.

On the farm this week, "growing up" has taken a different meaning. Our wheat is coming out of the ground and growing up, thanks to a shot of rain and a quick pass of the irrigation sprinkler. The cotton, despite a very challenging season, is finally beginning to reach maturity. Yesterday, three cotton strippers (yes, you read that right - strippers) drove by my house so someone's cotton must be ready in the neighborhood. We have also been watching the calves growing up, and once corn harvest wraps up, they will be expected to act like real "grown ups" and start their new lives away from their mamas. After the rain shut the planting and harvesting down, the guys had time to fence a field of corn stubble in preparation for the cows once the calves are weaned off. The cows really love cleaning up any corn left behind, and I'm guessing a full stomach helps them keep their minds off their bawling calves.

Much like last week, the middle and end of this week have seen the combine harvesting corn, and the wheat drill running full force. Our early corn should be finished soon (next couple of days). Most of the early wheat will be planted by next week, attempting to take advantage of the little bit of moisture we got over the past weekend. Hopefully, we will have lots of wheat to tell to "grow up."

Hotwire running around a field of corn stubble. The cows will get turned out on this field once their calves are weaned.
Baby Wheat! Baby Winterhawk Wheat to be exact!
We have plenty of emergence left to happen, but so far, so good.
Cotton boll opening up - almost ready for the strippers!
Red Dog Rori in the cotton field. She had to accompany me while I went out to take wheat and cotton photos. Such a good helper!

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