Saturday, October 11, 2014

Red Dogs Do Harvest Photography

Anyone who knows me knows I've got a weird love/obsession for two fur children (also known as dogs). I talked about Rori when I first moved down to Texas so if you'd like some background on the original "Red Dog," read about Rori, the Tractor Copilot.

As for the other Red Dog, Ranger is a half-sibling to Rori and came to live with Royce in February. He is (most days) Royce's dog, and much like Royce, he's a happy-go-lucky puppy who loves to play in poop, cool off in stock tanks, chase sprinklers and cuddle with me. Ok, I'm not sure Royce loves playing in poop, but he does it fairly often. The rest are accurate to both individuals. Ranger is the epitome of "Farm Dog," except for being scared of cows. Apparently he never got the memo that Australian Shepherds are supposed to be herding dogs. Due to his farm-dog ways, Ranger is frequently getting baths, of which he is not fond. Despite his dirt, stink and habit of stealing things, we love this guy to death. And it isn't even just Royce and I (you know that whole "being required to love him because he's yours" thing). The entire clan loves him, so he must be pretty special.

The Red Dogs are obsessed with "going," whether it is to work with Royce, to the barn with me, or anything else. They don't mind the method of "going" either, but I think they prefer the ATVs. Just a hunch I have. So when I was heading out to photograph harvest, they obviously wanted to go too. They were even happier when we made the transfer from my pickup to the Polaris Ranger. (Yeah, I know. Ranger rides the Ranger. It's confusing. Blame Royce.) Because I'm a good dog mother, I ended up with almost as many photos of them as I did of the actual harvest. Go figure. Here are some of my favorites.

Ranger: "Uhhh, Mom, those cows are awfully close. Can we maybe move on now? Please?"
Rori: "Get away, you fat cows. Don't make me come out there." 
Ranger (sitting shotgun) and Rori in their wheels of choice, the Polaris Ranger
Angry Ranger.
Rori has definitely reached the point in her life where she doesn't see the need to pose pretty for photos. I am now required to use buzzwords, like "hungry" and "wanna go" to even get one ear halfway forward.
Ranger hasn't figured out the camera thing yet. "Look cute? Of course Mom!"
Remember my mention of the entire clan loving Ranger? Well, here's proof. Granddad lets Ranger ride on his Gator and smiles about it!

Do you have a dog that loves to go? What is their favorite place to visit, or is it really just the journey?


  1. Ashlyn has a pure bred Aussie named Sadie, she loves to scout wheat with me, but I dislike the fur she leaves in Loren's pickup! (-:

    1. The fur is a problem, but it is so worth it for the great company they provide! :)


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