Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Our Panhandle Wedding: Part 1

Today, I thought I'd share what a Texas Panhandle wedding looks like for a couple of reasons:

  1. I just got my wedding photos from Allyson at Originallyson Photography over the weekend, and I love them! So I wanted to share them!
  2. I'm traveling today through Friday for work, and I thought this would be an easier post to put together. I've got to stick to the 30 Days thing!
  3. We had our wedding on our farm in the Texas Panhandle... Does it get much more "Texas Panhandle Agriculture" than that?!
At long last, here are a few of my favorites from getting ready, our group photos and our couple portraits! I'll share more from the ceremony and reception another time. There are just too many good ones to share them all!

My beautiful dress was a Melissa Sweet for David's Bridal. I loved it!

Yes, my birthday is in September. Yes, I think diamonds are overrated. Yes, I love my sapphire.

Makeup by the wonderful Chala Frieze 

Jenny, you made a fantastic mirror-holder. Thank you!
My beautiful mother!
Yep. My dog was definitely part of the big day, even though she was scared to death of the camera.
Before the reveal...
There's the waterworks...
"Holy cow! We're getting married!"

"How did I get this lucky?"


Sure glad I made time to get my nails done.
My favorite.
Our wedding party was top-notch. They were so helpful! Love y'all!

Yes, all of my bridesmaids are awesome OSU alumnae. 
Short Sam. :)

Boys will be boys.

Typical. A hug that leads to...
This petrifying moment.
And finally, no wedding of ours would be complete without a picture of our red dogs.

This is the fifth day of my 30 Days of Texas Panhandle Agriculture Series. To read more, please visit this introduction post. If you have questions or ideas about Texas Panhandle agriculture, I'd love to hear them!


  1. So pretty!! What a beautiful day, congrats!
    Laurie - Country Link

  2. This is definitely one of the most beautiful places in here for a wedding reception. The two best things about this place is the stunning view from the top and their delicious food.


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