Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Artist

A common theme with farmers and ranchers is the appreciation of Mother Nature's beauty. As a group, we spend most of our time in the middle of a beautiful creation. Our views of sunrises and sunsets are rarely obstructed by a skyscraper or apartment building. More likely, we have to look around grain elevators, barns, tractors or cows; all of which, in my opinion, are much more desirable to have in your field of vision. We have a close relationship and reliance on nature and the weather. We learn to appreciate it, marvel at the power of it, pray for the best of it. We also learn how to read it, prepare for it, react to it.

Last night, as the rest of the Great Plains was talking about the Arctic Blast, I took the last hour of light to capture the sunset. Not only was the sunset absolutely breathtaking, but I also had the chance to reflect on just how blessed I am to have this life here in the Texas Panhandle. With nothing but cows, corn stalks and a camera as company, it sure made me think and rejoice. Some people have told me they have felt alone out in the great openness of the prairie. I, on the other hand, feel very much surrounded by God and the glory of his creation. He is, after all, the greatest Artist I will ever know, and I'm sure glad He thought the Panhandle would make a good home for me.

Have you ever seen a sunset and thought "How could it get any more beautiful?"
Our cows aren't pets. When they see a random lady walking out in their pasture, their instincts tell them to go away, but eventually...
Side note: Notice the gray haze behind the cows? That would be the aforementioned Arctic Blast blowing in.
And then it gets more beautiful?
Corn stalks + cows + a sunset = pretty scenery
Eventually, the cows start to get curious about this person laying/sitting on the ground.
Then it continues to get more beautiful? 
Until finally, you say "Really God? How are you doing this?"
And then He tells that cow to walk right in front of His painting to make it even more perfect.
Then He says, "One for the road!"
Until finally, the sun goes down.
This is my 11th day of my 30 Days of Texas Panhandle Agriculture series. To read more, please visit this introduction postIf you have questions or ideas you'd like me to write about concerning Texas Panhandle agriculture, I'd love to hear from you!


  1. You have a great eye for photography! Keep snapping away! :)
    Laurie - Country Link


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